Faith Community Nursing Scholarship Program

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Faith Community Nursing Scholarship application pdf

Purpose of the Scholarship Program:

The scholarship program is designed to provide supplemental funding for tuition, books and fees for students with a documented history of service to their parish, congregation, synagogue, or mosque in order to enable them to attend accredited baccalaureate or graduate nursing programs. Licensed Practical Nurse and two-year programs are not eligible for consideration. “History of Service” is defined as any activities that have contributed to the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health and well-being within one’s worship community.

Goal of the Scholarship Program:

The goal of the scholarship program is to encourage nursing students to explore and develop an interest in pursuing Health Ministry and Parish Nursing.

Amount of the Scholarship:

Scholarships are limited to a maximum of $5,000 per one year. Recipients may reapply and compete for funding for successive years.


Recipients are expected to participate in some health ministry activity or project during the scholarship period. Each recipient will be invited to attend a Foundation board meeting to share his/her ministry experience.

Definition of Health Ministry and Faith Community Nursing:

Health Ministry is the promotion of whole-person health programs in places of worship and in the communities they serve. Health Ministers utilize community resources and educate others on the inter-dependent health of body, mind and spirit. Faith Community Nursing is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, consistent with the basic assumptions of all faiths: that we care for self and others as an expression of God’s love. The mission of Faith Community Nursing is the intentional integration of the practice of faith with the practice of nursing, so that people can achieve wholeness in, with, and through the community of faith in which health ministers serve.