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In late 1999, Dr. John Stoeckinger established the Margaret T. Stoeckinger Foundation, Incorporated to honor his mother and to promote Faith Community Nursing in Catholic Parishes. He was inspired by a religious sister who was the administrator of a hospital in Florida. When he asked her to recommend a worthy cause, she enthusiastically encouraged Faith Community Nursing.

Foundation Mission

The mission of the foundation is to enhance faith community ministries in Catholic Parishes of the Diocese of Lexington with commitment to the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

Accomplishing the Mission

The activities of the foundation to accomplish its mission include:
• Stimulating interest in Faith Community Nursing
• Providing informational and financial assistance in individual parishes for the purpose of establishing and aiding Faith Community Nursing
• Providing information and educational opportunities for Faith Community Nursing
• Providing scholarships to encourage nursing students to learn about and develop an interest in pursuing Faith Community Nursing
• Linking caregivers with one another for support and sharing
• Increasing the knowledge of resources available in the community including respite care
• Providing information and educational opportunities for caregivers